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Fairy tales are one of the most popular genres of folk poetry. In fairy tales, as well as in songs, riddles, proverbs and other folk genres, and have kept the people expressed their views on the phenomena of nature and social life, their thoughts, aspirations and expectations.

For centuries, people polished their stories and create vivid images of goodies in acts which clearly reflected the judgments of the common man of good and evil.

These estimates of good and evil pervade all kinds of fairy tales. They emphasize the superiority of simple, honest people working on the evil and oppressive exploiters, sharply condemning sloth, avarice, stupidity and other negative traits of the man.

That is why the stories were of great educational value, they have not lost in our day. Readers, especially young people, stories, help to correctly understand the complex phenomena of life, to cultivate high moral qualities.

The origins of folk poetic works date back to antiquity. In those days the main objective was to facilitate the work of folklore of man, his struggle with the hostile forces of nature. Along with the folk songs, tales, legends and proverbs are the treasury of experience, opinions and wisdom of the people.

It was the oral literature, through which were transmitted to succeeding generations necessary for life the knowledge accumulated by people in work and struggle. In the development of society has evolved and folk poetry, filled with new themes and genres, depending on historical conditions, but for the most part she has always expressed the aspirations and hopes of the people - the creator of all material and spiritual values.

Folk poetry has always been an integral part of public life. The songs, fairy tales and other folklore genres people, passing from generation to generation, their thoughts and feelings, in images saved and summarized the most valuable characteristic required.